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November 30, 2015 9:28 AM
Paul: Climate Change Agreement Could Threaten US Sovereignty
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This morning, President Obama addressed 150 world leaders at the kick-off of the UN COP21 Climate Change Summit in Paris, saying, “the threat of climate change could define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other.” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) likened the President’s comments to statements made by Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, claiming climate change is a greater danger to the United States than terrorism. The Kentucky senator slammed this belief, calling it “one of the most ludicrous statements I’ve ever heard.”

According to Sen. Paul, summits, such as the conference on climate change, do not always have a practical impact, but are instead about surrendering sovereignty. He warned, granting power to an international agency, such as the United Nations, could result in “a bunch of two-bit dictators telling America what to do.” Due to his skepticism of international agencies, Paul has introduced a bill to have Obama’s climate change agreement considered as a treaty, not as a presidential agreement. As he prepares to ensure the agreement signed in Paris does not become American law, Sen. Paul noted a hint of deja-vu, as he fought the same battle, and lost, over the controversial Iran deal earlier this year.

Partial Transcript:[LISTEN]

Ingraham: The President spoke out this morning in Paris at the kick-off of the big climate change summit, Senator Paul. This is part of what he said. He appreciates President Xi’s cooperation on this issue, but isn’t it the case that most countries, countries like China, make these commitments during these talks, they have no practical impact on the climate, then they just ignore their commitments. What is this really all about? (5:49)

Paul: Giving up sovereignty is one thing it’s about. The question I would have for him is, does he agree with Bernie Sanders that climate change is a greater danger to the country than terrorism. I mean, that’s one of the most ludicrous statements I’ve ever heard. And, somebody gave Bernie Sanders a pass on that. But, these people on the left actually do believe that. Many of them think that climate change is somehow a bigger threat to our country than terrorism. But, that just shows how far out there they are - these alarmists, these apocalyptic folks. But, one thing I’ve introduced to try to make sure what they’re signing over there doesn’t become law in our land is, I’ve introduced a bill to have it considered as a treaty, not as a presidential agreement. And, as you recall, this is the same kind of fight we had over the Iran agreement, whether it should be a treaty or an agreement. And, the only way we can force the issue is to have a vote in the Senate on calling it a treaty, and that’s what I intend to have. (6:51)

Ingraham: You hit the nail on the head, Senator Paul, as you often do, this is about sovereignty. This is about the United States’ ability to forge her own future, through her own duly elected representatives. So, it’s not so much about climate change as it is about global governance and setting up global rules of the road that then completely supercede what any of y’all do in Congress. And, that’s why they love the TPP so much. The TPP goes down the same global governance rule as the climate change agreement. And, my question to you is, how do these agreements help the average person’s standards of living in the United States? (7:46)

Paul: Well, there’s a real danger they can do the opposite. The danger that an international body, some kind of UN body, could kind of tell the U.S. government that our taxes are too low or our regulations are too soft and therefore we need to raise them because we are undercutting or selling our products cheaper than someone, because our taxes aren’t high enough. That kind of craziness and government gobble-de-gook does come out of these international agencies. So, I don’t like international agencies with a bunch of two-bit dictators telling America what to do and I’ve been very concerned about giving up our sovereignty to international agencies. (8:27) Facebook Fark Furl
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