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January 15, 2013 2:24 PM
Ohio Superintendent fires back at critics over guns in school
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Today on The Laura Ingraham Show, Laura spoke with the school superintendent of Montpelier, OH, who has taken steps to arm school staff in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. Superintendent Jamie Grime stressed the need for safety at his school, and hit back at the media for its inaccurate coverage.

Grime claimed that after the Sandy Hook shooting, “I got to a point where I had two options: I could either wait for the government to save me and protect us or take matters into my own hands…”

Grime claimed much of the criticism he’s received was elitist concerns that janitors would be armed: “Oh my gosh, they could actually be arming the janitors, who primarily are the creepy people who clean the toilets.”

“These people are salt of the earth people,” he said, “…they maintain $60 million worth of facilities everyday. These are very intelligent people.”

Grime bemoaned the treatment he’s received at the hands of the media: “It’s been misportrayed to try to discredit me.”

 “Half of the students at my school go home to a house where a firearm protects them.” Grime said, “but they come here and they have nothing… [A]ll I have to protect them is a buzzer and a quarter of an inch of glass.”

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