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January 16, 2013 4:38 AM
Obama's political "child abuse"
Posted by Laura

For 5 years I have documented the hypocrisy and prevarication of the President and First Lady on the issue of using children in political contexts.  The president's double-talk on how "children should be off-limits" in our political debates was obvious during his first campaign.  His daughters Malia and Sasha (both who seem delightfully unpretentious and well-adjusted), have, in fact, been referenced repeatedly to add an emotional resonance to President Obama campaign to remake America.  In the First Lady's campaign against obesity, we learned about Sash's high BMI.  In the health care debate, we heard about ---'s diabetes scare.  In the BP oil spill, when so many faulted the president for his slow response, we were told his daughters approached him while shaving to ask, "Have you plugged the hole yet, Daddy?"  They were even mentioned when the President slammed Mitt Romney with his "war on women" meme. 

Of course Democrats have been using the children as human shields against criticism for decades: they are lined up behind liberal pols demanding more social spending, more regulations on business, and tax hikes.  So it should be no surprise to anyone that the President choose to exploit children once again in his pitch for greater gun controls.  Because he offers his gun policies "to save kids from violence," we are supposed to forget the consequences for the 2nd Amendment.  What is especially odious here is that Democrats vehemently fight for the continued destruction of the most innocent in the womb, the tiniest victims in a federally-sanctioned war on their human rights.  They "care" about the children?  Please.  They care about power, money and achieving their secular progressive utopia.

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