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January 3, 2014 9:52 AM
Obama's half-brother accuses him of concocting 'Dreams' falsehoods
Posted by Staff
In an interview from Kenya weeks before the launch of his new autobiography, President Obama's half-brother, Mark Obama Ndesandjo, expressed frustration on multiple fronts about his half-brother President Barack Obama.

The pianist and business consultant has had a rocky relationship with his half-brother Barack in recent years. The president was said to be ill at ease with Ndesandjo's desire to distance himself from "his African roots" and "the Obama name". (Barack Sr married Mark's mother Ruth after he abandoned Barack's mother Stanley Ann Dunham). Although he insisted that he supoorted his brother, Ndesandjo lamented the fact that the president wrongly portrayed his mother Ruth's relationship to Barack Senior's other children, and that he had not come to terms with the level of abuse ("physical and by neglect") that Barack Sr. inflicted upon the family: "Our story begins 50 years ago, we have the same father, white American mothers, we were separated by birth by a few years, as babies were ripped apart by violence or neglect-- his the absence of a father, mine the presence of a father." When asked why the president would include falsehoods in his book in the lead up to his presidential run, Ndesandjo said, "I can't speak to his motives. I can only speak for myself"

On his estranged relationship with the president, Laura noted that the president had had spent more time with the Jay-Z and Beyonce than with his brother, he responded, "You have a point."

When pressed about his political leanings, Ndesandjo sidestepped: "I tend to focus on some of the more art side.” This leaves open the question: is President Obama's brother a closet conservative? Facebook Fark Furl
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