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January 9, 2013 4:44 AM
Obama's growth industry: food stamps for kids
Posted by Laura
New data shows that one in 4 children were on food stamps during the 2011 fiscal year. The numbers are staggering: 19.9 million children, or people under 18, received the benefits. No matter what the president says about how the economy has "turned a corner," no matter how many times liberals about how their policies "pulled us from the edge of the abyss," this is an abysmal failure of America and her children. How does a country with the hardest working citizenry, greatest higher education system and the most innovative business minds, tolerate a government that produces these results? The Left will invariably say that the first $870 billion stimulus was too small, that the rich need to "give more." But of course the real problem facing America is a country that is not growing jobs, where our debt to GDP ratio is spelling economic stagnation for years to come. Our Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak notoriously claimed that food stamps were their own kind of stimulus because when people have them, the "money" goes back into the economy. By that logic, everyone in an under-paying job should quit and go on food stamps. Moronic.
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