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January 20, 2013 11:00 AM
Obama's first term by the numbers
Posted by Staff
USA Today reports:

He signed 654 bills into law, made 25 foreign trips and had 113 golf outings.

As President Obama's first term comes to an end, Mark Knoller of CBS News has gathered some statistics about the first four years.

Some of the numbers "show that the economy recovered from its recession on his watch but annual federal deficits topped a trillion dollars four years running, (and) the National Debt soared," writes Knoller, an unofficial White House historian.

Among our favorite stats, per Knoller:

National debt -- Jan. 2009: $10.616 trillion; Jan. 2013: $16.432 trillion (At $5.8 trillion, it's the largest increase in the national debt under one president. Mr. Obama says $1.3 trillion was waiting for him on the day he took office. The debt equals 104 percent of GDP). Facebook Fark Furl
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