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February 9, 2010 4:45 PM
Obama's War on Everything (but America's Enemies)
Posted by Laura Ingraham
Obama may be afraid to declare war on Islamic fascism but he's just fine with going to war on Americans' liberty. Today, the administration opened two new fronts: Michelle launched her battle of the bulge, lecturing Americans on proper dieting; and Obama's counterterrorism czar, John Brennan, issued a muzzle order, warning those who criticize the administration they're "serving the goals of al Qaeda." Add it up, and the White House now seeks to control what enters, and exits, Americans' mouths. All in a day's work!

America's children will soon be tormented by the same culinary banality that regularly results in administration officials fleeing for "Five Guys" burgers. Michelle's "Let's Move" campaign-backed by executive order-takes failed nanny state ideas (restrictions on salt & trans fats, calorie-count labels on everything) and imposes them nationwide.

As for Brennan, labeling more than half of the country traitors speaks for itself.

If Obama handled terrorists half as well as he limits choice in America, we may not be free, but at least we'd be safe.
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