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November 5, 2012
Obama politicizing Sandy in final push
Posted by Laura
After touting his symbolic fly-over with Christie as the type of "non-partisan" effort Americans are hungering for, Barack Obama is using the federal "Sandy" effort for his own partisan benefit. The president hasn't worked with the GOP on any major issue in 4 years, but because he showed up for a few hours to tour the hurricane damage with Republican governor Chris Christie, we're supposed to think that he's Mr. Bipartisan? We're supposed to believe that the man who fought for Obamacare over jobs is suddenly a warrior against "red-tape"? As usual, Obama is the master of the photo-op. He hopes his symbolism will trump our common sense, that his rhetorical fantasy, will obscure the reality before us. I'm betting that his cynical ploys won't work this time around.
11/5/12 5:36 AM
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