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May 23, 2012 1:21 PM
Obama parties with rock stars (again)
Posted by Laura
Always working tirelessly for the American people, Barack Obama must be exhausted. He delivered yet another cliche-ridden graduation speech midday (Air Force Academy), then it was on to the Left Coast to collect big bucks ($2m) in Silicon Valley where aging music legends David Crosby and Graham Nash are performing for a $34k/ticket gala. Obama finishes the night by skipping down to LA for yet another fundraiser, where rocker Ben Harper is headlining. There must be some White House correspondent who could examine the president's schedule and determine the percentage of each day he actually spends on governing. And don't forget the most frightening fact of all: when Barack is away vacuuming up dough, Joe is back in DC minding the store! Heaven help us!
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