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March 11, 2014 4:27 PM
Obama does it again...
Posted by Staff
Once again our imperial president has bypassed Congress and, with the stroke of his pen, has extended legal status to thousands of illegal immigrants who are spouses, parents, and children of American military members. While serving one's country is, of course, something to be celebrated, it should not (nor should ever) be a pathway to citizenship for our soldier's illegal family members. The espoused argument underlying Obama's decision is fundamentally flawed, and, indeed, sets the nation upon a dangerous and slippery slope. If we accept Obama's argument that we should grant citizenship to the family members of individuals who provide an invaluable service to our country, where exactly do we draw the line? By that logic, firefighters, police officers, and even teachers (all of whom serve the public good) could all be poised to gain citizenship for their family members. What is clear is that this new decision is simply the Administration's latest attempt at backdoor amnesty. It has become overwhelmingly self-evident that Obama and the left are struggling as they continue to fall out out of favor, and out of touch, with the American people. It is, thus, all too apparent that this latest extension of citizenship is a desperate, and poorly-veiled, attempt to create a new, loyal base of ballot-punching voters for Democrats. Facebook Fark Furl
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