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January 22, 2013 7:05 AM
Obama dodges entitlements, reality
Posted by Laura
The president's ideological fervor was palpable throughout his inaugural address. He is a committed secular progressive, meaning he is not so much interested in addressing the nation's economic woes through growth, as he is in fundamentally reshaping America to resemble more of a European-style society. Three of the biggest crises of our day--family breakdown, the national debt, and the coming collapse of our entitlement programs were almost completely ignored by Obama on Inauguration Day. He believes that leveling the playing field means the "makers" (i.e., job creators) must continually "sacrifice" (i.e., pay) for the rest of society. Obama, never having made a payroll himself, doesn't realize that although under his ideal economic system, the "rich" will get poorer, the poor will also get poorer.
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