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September 20, 2012 5:53 AM
Obama anti-terror progress? Al-Qaeda in Libya--a growing threat
Posted by Laura
There's an obvious political reason behind the Obama Administration's initial insistence that the deadly Libyan assault was "spontaneous" and that there was no "credible threat" beforehand. The Obama campaign wants voters to believe that killing bin Laden was the the death knell for global terror against the U.S. We have been sold the Obama "gutsy call" narrative since May 2011 when OBL was nailed by SEAL Team Six. Today we see that anti-terror policy-by-drone only gets us so far. It is likely that sometime next year, we'll learn that the Obama intel team blew it in Benghazi. Al Qaeda sees an America anxious to placate and appease Islamists who want to shut down free speech to protect the image of Muhammed. Undoubtedly, jihadis are emboldened because they see our foreign policy as backward- rather than forward-leaning; they see a president who is uncomfortable leading because he is at heart uncomfortable with the idea (and always has been) of America as the world's dominant super power. So don't hold your breath if you're waiting for a candid assessment from Team Obama about the real threat posed by al Qaeda's far-flung affiliates. That would truly be "gutsy."
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