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May 8, 2013 4:46 AM
Obama CNO is vigilant, not worried by Chinese naval buildup
Posted by Laura
A few of President Obama's pronouncements stick in my mind, such as "We don't seek to contain China." Well, I don't think the Administration has to worry about that anymore. Today China is investing big in its military, and using its economic might to extend its influence beyond Asia not South America, Africa and, of course, right here in the USA. For many years, we've been told that China didn't have the innovative skills necessary to build the high tech weaponry needed to match us, let alone eclipse us. But now, after decades of lawful (and unlawful) tech transfers to China, we should ask not if but when we will lose our our technical advantage over the Communist powerhouse. A joint-manufacturing agreement between Boeing and China may seem smart today, but what happens when the Chinese tells the Seattle airline maker "thanks, for the help but we don't need you here any longer"? At some point, China won't need Boeing. But Boeing will still need China. Read more from the Washington Free Beacon.
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