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November 28, 2012 6:47 AM
Obama, the Grecian formula man
Posted by Staff
The NY Post:

Unless you’ve played ostrich, you know the lessons of the presidential election. Republicans must give up their principles and be more like Democrats, or they’ll go extinct.

Media sages insist the GOP must learn to love tax increases and the job of being the tax collectors for the welfare state. They must become pro-choice and “get over this obsession with life,” as one so-called conservative put it. The religious beliefs of Evangelicals, Catholics and others must be tossed overboard if the party wants to attract those single women who are married to the Democratic Party for birth control and abortion.

The list of Republican fatal flaws goes on, never mind that Mitt Romney fell only about 360,000 votes short in the four swing states of Florida, Ohio, Virginia and New Hampshire combined.

Had he won their 64 electoral votes, we’d be hailing him as brilliant, and dissecting the downfall of Barack Obama. But, in politics and football, winning is everything, so the demolition derby of the GOP is inevitable.

But the expiration date has arrived, so let’s move on to an alternative question: How long can the business model of the Democratic Party last? Facebook Fark Furl
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