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November 13, 2014 7:34 AM
Newly Elected Congress Members To Watch
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Good news for the American worker: A growing chorus of newly-elected Republican Congressmen have pledged their resolve to defend the American worker against the Democrats' plan to usher in an influx of cheap-foreign labor. 

Congressman-elect Frank Guinta from liberal New Hampshire is one such member. Guinta, who won his seat by ousting a Democratic incumbent, told Laura that he is going to Washington to defend the American workers who elected him. Guinta told Laura that when he talks to his constituents about immigration, they talk about their hopes that their children will find a good job and a fair wage.

Another is Congressman-elect Steve Knight of California's 25th Congressional District. A retired law enforcement officer and army veteran, Knight's entree into the national political realm builds upon his lifetime of service to the American public. Knight now heads to Washington to passionately defend the American public from the agenda of the cheap-labor lobbyists in Silicon Valley, who seek to drive down American wages and livelihoods with a constant deluge of low-wage foreign labor

It has become abundantly clear that immigration populism is a winning platform for the Republican Party. According to exit polls, more than 3 in 4 voters cited immigration as an important factor in their vote and believe that foreign workers should not be imported to take American jobs. 

These newly-elected members are leading the way forward for the rest of the Republican Party: Guinta joins Steve Knight from liberal California as well as Dave Brat (R-VA), Buddy Carter (R-GA), Barry Loudermilk (R-GA), and Gary Palmer (R-AL). The Laura Ingraham Show will continue to bring you promising Republican Congressmen and women to watch. Stay tuned for updates.

Excerpts From Ingraham's Interview with Frank Guinta: [LISTEN]

Ingraham asked Guinta to respond to a soundbite from Tuesday's program in which CA Congressman-elect Steve Knight expressed his intent to defend the American worker against the attacks of the Silicon Valley cheap-labor lobby.  

Steve Knight soundbite: "I don't think we should [be letting in more guest workers when we have so many people out of the workforce]. I've talked to major high tech companies and said look that's not the answer. The answer is to build a better pipeline right here, these companies came to us and said we need more of these visas and I said no we just need more Americans who are qualified to do this job." [9:45]

Ingraham: "Well he says that the pipeline should be for American workers and I think of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, I think that's the biggest employer in the state, 4,700 civil employees. We have in total 92 million Americans operating outside of the work force today. My question to you is, 'If we move forward on some 'compromise', some 'immigration reform' that approaches that old Senate 'immigration reform' bill, that included a provision to double the number of guest workers coming into the country presumbably a number of those guest workers would take those New Hampshire jobs, does that sit ell with you?"

Guinta: "No, it would not sit well with me, Steve [Knight] makes a good point. Look we have the lowest labor participation rate in the last 50 years here in America. We've got to focus on putting Americans back to work first before we do anything else relative to immigration..."

Ingraham: "So just so I'm clear... you would oppose legislation that would increase the number of guest workers in the United States at this period of time given these economic numbers?"

Guinta: "I would."

Ingraham: "Well I think that the American people are with you and I think they're with you overwhelmingly."

Guinta: I think they are and I think we ought to be communicating that a lot more effectively. When I talk about immigration in the state of New Hampshire, people say, 'Look I want a job for my son, for my daughter who's graduating from college who's still living at home because they don't have the accessability to a good paying job opportunity.' That has got to be job number one for this Congress to focus on and I think if we do that, it sends a very clear message to the people that just elected us that we hear what you want us to do."

Ingraham: "Everyone who just listened to Congressman-elect Frank Guinta from New Hampshire should thank him, it's a little premature, but we're going to thank you for stating that position clearly. The people of New Hampshire, I'm looking at some of these surveys, when they say 'immigration reform' they don't say the pathway to citizenship... they're saying enforce the law, that's immigration reform to them. We're sending great Congressmen and women to Washington and Congressman-elect Frank Guinta is one of them. We really appreciate your time, thanks so much and good luck to you." Facebook Fark Furl
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