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January 13, 2014 7:24 AM
NYC Bureaucrats Demand Prosecution of Agents Fighting Voter Fraud
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NYC Dept of Investigations Agents Vote For Dead People With 97% Success

What is response?

NYC's bipartisan Board of Election hacks asks prosecutors to investigate undercover agents who exposed their sloppiness. They also complained to Mayor De Blasio, the former patron of ACORN.

It begins. Also discusses how proven Al Franken voter fraud in 2008 gave us Obamacare.

The Board of Elections reacted in classic bureaucratic fashion, which prompted one city paper to deride it as “a 21st-century survivor of Boss Tweed–style politics.” The Board approved a resolution referring the undercover investigators for prosecution. It also asked the state’s attorney general to determine whether DOI had violated the civil rights of voters who had moved or are felons, and it sent a letter of complaint to Mayor Bill de Blasio. Normally, I wouldn’t think de Blasio would give the BOE the time of day, but New York’s new mayor has long been a close ally of former leaders of ACORN, the now-disgraced “community organizing” group that saw its employees convicted of voter-registration fraud all over the country.

Greg Soumas, president of New York’s BOE, offered a justification for calling in the prosecutors: “If something was done in an untoward fashion, it was only done by DOI. We [are] unaware of any color of authority on the part of [DOI] to vote in the identity of any person other than themselves — and our reading of the election law is that such an act constitutes a felony.” The Board is bipartisan, and all but two of its members voted with Soumas. The sole exceptions were Democrat Jose Araujo, who abstained because the DOI report implicated him in hiring his wife and sister-and-law for Board jobs, and Republican Simon Shamoun.

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