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January 14, 2013 1:27 PM
NRA releases 'Practice Range' shooting app
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The National Rifle Assocation (NRA) on Sunday released an iOS game that lets players shoot various targets with a gun of choice.

The NRA has framed the game, NRA: Practice Range, as its "new mobile nerve center," which also includes gun-safety tips, gun laws, and other educational materials.

"NRA: Practice Range also offers a 3D shooting game that instills safe and responsible ownership through fun challenges and realistic simulations," according to the app's description. "It strikes the right balance of gaming and safety education, allowing you to enjoy the most authentic experience possible."

But given the fact that the NRA recently placed part of the blame for the December Newtown massacre on violent video games, some reports said it was hypocritical for the NRA to essentially release its own violent video game.

The app is free in the App Store, but inside the app, you can pay 99 cents to upgrade to a more powerful weapon, like a Beretta, a Browning, or a Colt. There are three, 3D shooting options: indoor range, outdoor range, and skeet shoot. Tap the screen to fire your weapon.

As games load, the app flashes gun safety tips and facts across the screen, such as: "The NRA Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program has reached more than 25 million children - in all 50 states - since 1998" and "Use only the correct ammunition for your gun." Facebook Fark Furl
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