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February 25, 2013 4:43 AM
NEWSFLASH! Obama attends youngest daughter's dance recital
Posted by Laura
The press should really be ashamed of itself. This story made the "political" section of the Associated Press. This is what passes as news today: Michelle reads the Best Picture winner live at the Oscars; her husband plays golf with Tiger Woods; Michelle returns to Jason Wu for the SOTU address. In between managing those national priorities the president campaigns for more social transformation, while he and his team demonize the GOP. Of course there's no time or inclination to do what the nation really needs: lead. We need the kind of leadership from our president that will compel him to sit in a room with GOP and Democrat leaders and not emerge until we right this country's economic direction. But don't hold your breath, "change agent" has important business to do: his bracket picks for the NCAA tournament will be due soon!
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