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May 20, 2011
NASA's climate change alarmist cartoon
Posted by Staff
As one of the most amazing government programs, the Space Shuttle, nears the end of its lifespan, NASA is looking for other way to further scientific advancement. One of their new initiatives is teaching your children about the dangers of global warming. That’s right, as part of their $145.8 Million education budget, NASA wants your kids to know that humans are having a blast while destroying Earth.
“Climate Kids” is part of a NASA-affiliated Web site operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a research and development and NASA field center that is managed by the California Institute of Technology.

One of the features on the children’s pages is a “Climate Tales” cartoon, “Adventures on a Changing Planet: Will our heroes ever find their way home?”

After being transported to the South American rain forest, the fish and the polar bear meet a monkey.

“Where did all the trees go?” the bear asks.

“Funny story,” the monkey says. “The humans cut them down and burned them.”

“And now it’s a trash dump,” says the bear.

The monkey informs the bear that the humans tried to grow crops and “it didn’t take long for the humans to use all the rest of the life in the soil.”

“After a few years the humans moved on, leaving a dead and lifeless landscape,” says the monkey.
That’s not even education, that’s just pure indoctrination. If there was a list of programs we did not need, this would be near the top (close to the zombies, but not quite there). The real shame is that, under the Obama administration, NASA has gone from promoting actual science to promoting Muslim outreach and “global warming.”

However, it is cool that NASA has a base on a different planet. Planet Gore.

05/20/11 9:41 AM
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