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January 14, 2013 10:51 AM
More rich Obama inauguration donors
Posted by Staff
The AP reports:

The presidential inaugural committee is revealing the identities of nearly 600 more donors who have pitched in to help fund the inauguration festivities.

The list updated late Friday includes 577 more individuals and two more corporations: Southern Company Services, an Atlanta-based electricity producer; and United Therapeutics, a Maryland-based biotech company.

The committee still has not revealed the amounts given, dates or hometowns of the individuals. That information will be reported to the Federal Election Commission after the inauguration.

Without knowing how much has been raised, it is difficult to determine whether the committee is on pace to raise what it needs. But on sheer numbers of donors alone, the difference with 2009 is striking.

For President Obama's first inauguration, the committee logged nearly 21,000 donations for a total of roughly $47 million. So far, with only one week to go, the committee's list includes only 992 donors.

With the president's decision to accept unlimited corporate donations this time, some of those could be multi-million checks. But so far only eight companies have signed on. Besides Southern Company and United Therapeutics, the others are AT & T, Centene Corp., Financial Innovations, Inc., Genentech, Microsoft, and Stream Line Circle, LLC. Facebook Fark Furl
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