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June 27, 2013
Michelle and the WH jump on Instagram
Posted by Staff
The Daily Caller reports:

Everyone can now follow the official Instagram accounts of first lady Michelle Obama and the White House.

Jumping on the Instagram bandwagon, first lady Michelle Obama and the White House officially joined the popular online photo-sharing website Wednesday.

By that afternoon, the White House already gained over 6,000 new followers, while Michelle Obama quickly earned nearly 1,000 followers.

But beware before commenting on their photos. Their pages warn that “Comments posted on White House pages may be archived,” and direct users to learn more at “wh.gov/privacy.”

The two new users join the ranks of public figures such as Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian, both whom use Instagram to boost their popularity.

Launched in 2010, Instagram has achieved success as a platform for users to upload and share pictures. According to the site’s statistics, over 130 million people are monthly active users and 45 million photos are uploaded each day.
06/27/13 4:52 AM
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