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June 13, 2013 10:46 AM
Memo to Boehner: Run, don't walk, from immigration farce
Posted by Laura
Here's the must-read immigration report from National Review on the defeat of the Grassley Amendment.

Notice that "Republicans" Rubio, Flake, and Murkowski voted against Grassley – while Democrats Manchineel, Pryor, and Republican Ayotte voted for it.

The Grassley amendment was simply worded and brilliantly conceived; it would have required DHS to demonstrate effective security of the border for 6 months before even provisional legalization of illegal aliens would be granted. In other words, it would have helped keep the Senate honest in its pledges regarding the border. If the Gang won't agree to this, then they won't agree to anything serious.

It is now time for the House to just walk away and not let this farce go on any further. And Rubio, Flake, and Graham should all be opposed and voted out in primaries. If this bill is successful, it will be a scandal bigger than Benghazi, IRS targeting and NSA snooping combined.
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