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June 27, 2013 11:33 AM
Libs are hoping that @PRyan will help on immig.
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NY Magazine reports:

Immigration reform seems to be a simple problem of Republican Party organization. The interests of the party as a whole dictate passing a bill, but the people who need to do the passing — Republicans in Congress — have an interest in voting immigration reform down.

Two senior House Republican aides, speaking with Jonathan Weisman, offered up a staggering admission: They agree with this analysis. They just don’t care. “Speaker John A. Boehner,” Weisman reports being told, “has no intention of angering conservative voters and jeopardizing the House Republican majority in 2014 in the interest of courting Hispanic voters on behalf of a 2016 Republican presidential nominee who does not yet exist.”

Passing immigration reform would not jeopardize the House Republican majority. The House map so heavily favors the GOP that Democrats would need to win the national vote by some 7 percent to gain a majority — a near-impossibility in an off-year election, where the Democratic base tends to stay home. But it very well might threaten the jobs of House Republican incumbents, who could face primary challenges. Facebook Fark Furl
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