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December 26, 2012 6:53 AM
Let's swear off lavish second Inaugurals
Posted by Laura
No matter whether a President is a Democrat or Republican, can we all agree that second-term inaugural blow-outs are excessive--a total waste of time and money? We're told there isn't the same interest level for Obama's second inaugural festivities. Hotels aren't booked up in Washington. Even the most ardent supporters of the Obama agenda understand the uncertainty about the future. Yes, corporate donors often kick in big bucks to cover costs of the balls and other events. But that also poses problems--what do they expect to get for their money? Our "dedicated public servants" have work to do--there is no time for them to toast their own "awesomeness." If presidents do their jobs, historians will duly note their success. A dignified ceremony, swearing the oath of office, is all that is required. (Plus, didn't the Pres. Obama say we all needed to sacrifice?)
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