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February 27, 2014 9:04 AM
Left-wing deflection on a bad economy...AZ gets a
Posted by Laura
After Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced her veto of the state’s religious liberty bill that had been criticized by right and left as sanctioning discrimination, Democrats moved quickly to use the issue in other states. (Heck, it beats defending Obamacare and the non-recovery.) Florida Governor Rick Scott is in a tight race against Democrat Charlie Crist, deflected questions initially on the law, then announced Wednesday night that he would veto a similar law in his state. Whatever you think about this issue of religious liberty versus the rights of gay Americans, it is clear that the Left really doesn’t want to debate the Constitutional questions. They want to shut down debate, vilify those with whom they disagree (calling them -phobes or haters), and use a herd mentality to intimidate and threaten anyone who gets in their way. An email circulating yesterday asked these interesting questions: "Does this mean a gay couple who runs a B&B has to serve members of the Westboro Baptist “Church”? A Jewish caterer must agree to work a Skinhead wedding?” Does the Free Exercise clause of the First Amendment really mean that religious people have to keep certain views on thorny questions under wraps? Will this send more religious people, who don’t agree with our increasingly progressive social mores, underground?” A gay business owner friend, texted me recently: “I didn’t fight to be out of the closet just to put another group of Americans into one.” Facebook Fark Furl
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