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October 24, 2013 4:37 PM
Laura's "Just Say No (to conference)" Campaign
Posted by Staff

Are your Representatives representing you, or will they cave to the pressures of liberal media and big business? The answer to this question is simple - only if they have committed themselves to “No Conference,” do they truly care about hard working Americans. Determined to cut through the flowery and evasive language of our politicians, Laura has invited your Congressmen on her show to find out where they really stand.

Below are some notable discoveries:

Advocates of the American People:

- Jim Bridenstine

- Ron DeSantis

- Mo Brooks

- Steve Southerland

Potential Amnesty Sympathizers:

- Steve Scalise

- Sean Duffy

Back on the Right Path (away from citizenship!)

- Raul Labrador (an original House immigration reform “gang”-ster who saw the light and realized that Democrats are looking to implement an open border policy that will give way to millions of new Democrat voters)

- Ted Poe (it took a government shutdown for this representative to finally see the intransigence of the President and realize that he will never compromise or enforce the letter of the law) Facebook Fark Furl
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