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September 15, 2008 5:00 PM
Laura's E-Blast - September 15, 2008
Posted by Staff

Note to all listeners: We are living up to this political season of "change" with major readjustments to our radio station line-up. If you can't find The Laura Ingraham Show on the station you are used to hearing it on, please go to www.lauraingraham.com for a listing of its new home and (perhaps) time slot. We are on new stations in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Seattle, Louisville, San Diego, and Atlanta--just to name a few.

The station changes are due to the fact that Talk Radio Network (Laura's syndicator) and Salem Radio group have amicably parted ways after five extremely successful years. (See the news report from today's Inside Radio.) If after consulting the website you still cannot find the show, please call your city/town's big talk stations and tell the program directors you want to hear Laura Monday through Friday live. We are adding dozens of new stations over the next few months to our base of 300+ but realize the transition may be disruptive to you during this critical election season.
And by now you know that the show is an addiction! In the long run, this move will significantly expand the listening audience, reach, and influence of The Laura Ingraham Show. Follow us to our great new radio stations and/or join Laura365 for a totally uninterrupted personalized listening experience. Power to the People!
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