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October 27, 2008 5:00 PM
Laura's E-Blast - October 27, 2008
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Peggy Noonan said Friday that if "Mr. McCain loses, the reason will not be press bias." That, of course, will be impossible to determine one way or the other. But we do know the media is trying its best to prove Peggy wrong. The media's malfeasance and malpractice may prove decisive:
  • Money. The airwaves are saturated with Obama advertising. These ads are financed by record campaign hauls, much of which comes from illegal fund-raising. (Obama's website allows contributors to use phony names, thereby allowing well-off financiers to circumvent contribution limits.) More than 80% of Obama's fund-raising has come from "small donors," whose names we don't know. Where are the calls for transparency? Who knows how many Obama commercials would be possible absent the illicit cash.

  • Reporting. Sen. McCain is quickly learning that the media is consistent only in mangling his words and his ideas, all the while giving a free pass to inaccurate criticisms against him. Like countless Republicans before him, McCain now knows that if he wants his message to reach the people, he needs to speak to them directly, bypassing the dinosaur media. Even worse, though, is that when an Average Joe (e.g., Joe the Plumber), asks a question the press won't, the media joins, and in some cases leads, the partisan witch-hunt to destroy him.

  • Unholy alliances. No, I'm not talking about Barack Obama's terrorist connections. Rather, NBC/MSNBC's work with "Election Protection," an autumnal cornucopia of far-left groups like ACORN and People for the American Way. These stations are telling viewers to call an Election Protection hot-line on Nov. 4th if they spot any "trouble." Please.

  • The power of suggestion. Notice how only the polls showing big leads for Obama ever get picked up? Other polls show the race in a statistical dead heat, yet receive zippo coverage. Instead, the only polls receiving any air time have Obama up double-digits. By planting this idea that McCain's hopeless, potential conservative contributors will be less inclined to donate.

  • Wagon circling. Barack Obama has never been made to answer any questions about what views he shares with his radical left-wing friends (like, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernandine Dohrn, Michael Klonsky, Rashid Khalidi and Franklin Marshall Davis). In Chicago, Obama oversaw the disbursement of funds to school projects that taught radical, socially-divisive afro-centric curriculums that yielded no positive gains to students. Does he have something similar in mind for schools nationwide? It's not unreasonable to at least ask. I'm sure parents are curious.

  • Selective curiosity. While the media may or may not have been involved in the illegal accessing of Joe the Plumber's DMV and tax records, we do know this for sure: It certainly wasn't involved in any kind of thorough investigation of Sen. Obama's tax records. From what his campaign released -- which was later pored over by a few conservative websites -- Obama earned income in 2000 and 2002 from speaking fees. In Illinois, it's illegal for legislators to accept speaking fees. Would it not sway at least a few votes if people learned Obama broke the law while serving in the state senate?
  • So what now?

    Far from a disinterested actor working on behalf of the people, the media's regressed into Obama cheerleaders. That McCain is holding up as well as he is actually signals serious Obama weaknesses. For these to be fully appreciated, though, it will be up to the people -- not the press -- to use these last eight days to inform their fellow voters.
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