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October 22, 2008 5:00 PM
Laura's E-Blast - October 22, 2008
Posted by Staff
THOUGHT EXPERIMENT: What if instead of using the word "change," Barack Obama had all this time instead been saying "revolution"? Would he still be the front-runner? Doubtful. Americans like occasionally switching things up, but a full-fledged abandonment of the American way is something else all together. Is that what Obama's promising? Well, the word "change" is less than precise. He has confessed to envisioning his presidency as "the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal," and we all now know he wants to turn the government's revenue collection system into a mechanism for enforcing socialism.

OBAMA'S FIRST AMENDMENT THREAT: The examples of the Obama camp harnessing government to extinguish its critics are accumulating at a disturbing pace. If twice is a coincidence and three times a trend, then four times and more is megalomania. Obama has sicced his lawyers on TV stations airing NRA ads critical of his Second Amendment record, he's called on the DOJ to shut down the American Issues Project for airing ads highlighting his relationship with Bill Ayers, his ACORN-styled "action wire" regularly calls on its foot soldiers to bombard any radio station brazen enough to invite on Obama-skeptics like David Freddosso and Stanley Kurtz, his "truth squads" has recruited government prosecutors in states like Missouri ... And now the latest: the campaign's general counsel Robert Bauer is demanding the DOJ punish McCain and certain surrogates for raising objections to ACORN's flagrant and wide-scale voter fraud. Of course, by sticking up for ACORN Obama explicitly rejects his previous assertion that his relations with the group are limited to some mid-90s legal work, but even more worrying is what this whole pattern portends. In an Obama administration, there would be no hesitation to use the forces of government to suppress speech and thus solidify Obama's power.

HOW QUICKLY THINGS CHANGE: Was it only a month ago the media (conservatives included) regularly criticized the McCain camp for keeping Gov. Palin bottled up? What were they afraid of? Let the woman speak! Since then, she's done frequent interviews and even held a few press conferences. Meantime, Sen. Biden -- who initially gave press conferences until his traveling press corps begged for mercy -- hasn't given a single one in weeks. Yesterday, after Biden's Sunday gaffe -- whereby he "gauranteed" that electing Sen. Obama would herald an international crisis -- he wasn't speaking to the media at all. Remember: This is the "experienced" half of the ticket, the guy supposedly ready to take over as commander-in-chief at the drop of a hat -- yet he's suddenly in hiding from the press. Trust me, I can understand why the press isn't exactly flying into fits of rage of his sudden silence, but does this still mean Palin's qualifications are what Americans need to be questioning?

PREDICTION: If Sarah Palin keeps giving speeches like she did yesterday in Reno, Nev., her conservative critics (like Peggy Noonan) will be eating their words by Election Day. Palin quoted Biden's now-infamous remark that an international crisis will develop within six months of an Obama presidency, seizing on his line that he already knows of "four or five places" where the trouble could get started. After giving four examples of how an Obama administration would worsen certain global conflicts, Palin let loose this zinger, "But I guess the looming crisis that most worries the Obama campaign right now is Joe Biden's next speaking engagement." If she keeps this up, the race could end with Team Obama crawling to the finish line.
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