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July 22, 2008 5:00 PM
Laura's Daily E-Blast - July 22, 2008
Posted by Staff
OBAMA'S MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR, CONT'D: A unifying message is beginning to emerge as Barack Obama continues to hopscotch around the Middle East on Hope Force One: He's not a nominee, he's already president! We may as well just cancel the November election -- it looks like Obama's already got the ins and outs of the job figured out. From strategizing with Afghan President Hamid Karzai on how to cure all that ails his country, to advising General Petraeus on what he could be doing better to win in Iraq, he's just got commander-"of"-chief written all over him.

Add to the mix the media's wall-to-wall coverage and reporters' barely-contained excitement, and perceptions of this weeklong posture-fest have lost all ties with reality. "Presumptuous" doesn't even begin to cover it. It's an all-around nauseating spectacle of Obama worship.

BARLETTA FOR CONGRESS! Mayor Lou Barletta of Hazelton, Pennsylvania, stopped by the studio today to talk about his run as the GOP's nominee in Pa.'s 11th congressional district. Mayor Barletta is best known as the immigration stalwart who took a bold stand against the threat of violent crime, gang activity, and drug trafficking from illegal immigrants. He enacted some of the country's toughest anti-illegal immigration legislation, which worked wonders until it was struck down by a federal judge last year. Barletta's opponent, 25-year incumbent Rep. Paul "We stretched the facts to win in 2006" Kanjorski, is currently trailing Barletta by about five points in the polls.

SF'S SANCTUARY POLICY BRINGS UNSPEAKABLE TRAGEDY: Our prayers are with Danielle Bologna, the San Francisco woman who joined us on today's show (Laura 365 members can listen here). Danielle's husband and two sons were senselessly and brutally murdered last month by Edwin Ramos, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador. Thanks to San Francisco's "City of Refuge" policy, Ramos remained in the United States despite TWO prior convictions for gang-related felonies. And as if two felony convictions weren't reason enough to deport him, Ramos was also arrested on a gun charge in March, but authorities again failed to place an immigration hold on him.

The blood of Anthony, Matthew and Michael Bologna is on the hands of San Francisco officials and Mayor Gavin Newsom in particular, a staunch defender of the city's sanctuary policy.

From the ashes of this tragedy we see a real Power to the People opportunity, and over the coming days and weeks we will keep you updated on what you can do to make your voice heard to leaders around the country. In the meantime, click here to contact Mayor Newsom's office.
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