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July 21, 2008 5:00 PM
Laura's Daily E-Blast - July 21, 2008
Posted by Staff
OBAMA'S MIDEAST TOUR OF DOODIE: On the Sunday edition of NBC's Nightly News, anchor Lestor Holt declared Obama's overseas trip a "tour of duty." Aside from being a sharp slap in the face to those who actually have put their lives on the line serving our country, the fawning coverage of Barack Obama has just gotten way over the top. If the dino media put down their jugs of Obama Kool-Aid for a second or two they might see his trip for what it truly is: a week-long marathon of posturing and photo-ops designed to make Obama appear tough and experienced, neither of which he actually is.

To avoid any further confusion about the "objectivity" of our friends in the mainstream media, today we sent off a special care package to each of the major network anchors full of "Obama for president" buttons and hats. Look closely and you might see them cropping up on lapels and heads later this week.

"MAD MAN" JIM CRAMER POPS IN: Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's "Mad Money" and all around financial whiz, said American politicians (Click here to listen) are turning America into "a nation of wimps" for not allowing greater domestic drilling. Unlike northeastern liberals who preach the glories of green energy while employing NIMBY tactics to block local wind farms, Cramer puts his money where his mouth is: He wants a drill right next his beach house.

A MIRACLE BORN FROM TRAGEDY: We were fortunate to be joined today by Gary McCaleb, senior counsel at the Alliance Defense Fund, and Jesse Ramirez, a Gulf War veteran whom doctors claimed was in a permanent vegetative state ( la Terri Schiavo) following a horrific auto accident in 2007 (365ers, you don't want to miss this). Just 10 days after the accident, doctors followed through on Jesse's (now) ex-wife's order to remove his feeding tube. For five days Jesse was deprived of food and water until his sister, Marlene, contacted the ADF for help. Thanks to the efforts of the ADF and his family, Jesse walked out of the hospital months later under his own power, and today he's a walking, talking testimony to the inherent value of every human life. Last month, Arizona enacted Jesse's Law, which protects people in similar circumstances.
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