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August 1, 2008 5:00 PM
Laura's Daily E-Blast - August 1, 2008
Posted by Staff
OUR DO-NOTHING CONGRESS: Today the House of Representatives left for their August vacation with an abysmal record of accomplishment for the American people. When Congress voted to head out on summer recess, despite its failure to pass critical legislation to expand domestic oil production, many of us weren't surprised.

This is the same bunch that recently won the worst national approval rating in history -- nine percent! The anti-exploration Democrats led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi acted more like schoolyard bullies during recess than national leaders as they refused to allow votes on any proposal -- even those supported by moderate Dems -- that would have allow for more domestic oil production.

So since it hasn't addressed our energy woes, what exactly has the Democrat-controlled House done for us lately? Well, it authorized the FDA to regulate tobacco, it apologized for slavery and Jim Crow laws, and let's not forget, the House Transportation Committee moved to ban in-flight cell phone use.

But a number of Republicans refused to adjourn today, choosing to stay behind, only to have the cameras, microphones and even the lights turned off on them.

Contrast what Pelosi's "accomplished" with one of her favorite targets -- the Iraqi government: a de-Baathification law, new Iraqi brigades formed, October elections planned, a Sunni voting block is returning to parliament.

We'd rate Nouri al Maliki's leadership over Nancy Pelosi's, hands down.

Since it did virtually nothing in recent months to alleviate our energy woes, Congress should have at least had the decency to do what so many families have had to do this summer because of high gas prices -- cancel their vacation plans.
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