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April 14, 2014 4:39 PM
Laura to PolitiFact: Fact-check yourself
Posted by Staff
Laura struck back at PolitiFact today for attacking her assertion that Obamacare will cost Americans two million jobs. The "fact checker" website is buying into the Administration's spin by playing this nit-picky game about whether people that will be leaving the workforce (as a result of Obamacare) will be doing so by choice. The simple truth of the matter is that the economy is negatively affected when fewer people are working. So while PolitiFact and the left can argue about how we should interpret the number of jobs lost, that does not change the underlying fact that jobs will be lost because of Obamacare.

In today's economy, when we have 10.5 million people unemployed, does the left really think we need to add to that number? Having more people in the work force is undoubtedly good for our economy and our country, so no matter how the liberal media or "objective" fact-checkers try to spin the truth, the facts are clear and they do not stack up favorably for ObamaCare. Facebook Fark Furl
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