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October 29, 2013 3:49 PM
Latino voters are Democrats at heart
Posted by Staff
Don’t say I didn't warn you. If there were any doubt that Latino voters and especially illegal immigrants naturally lean towards liberal ideologies, look no further than Virginia. The Washington Post and Pamela Constable reported today that Latino activists are out in full force to support Democratic candidates across the state, and not even voter eligibility is hindering them: “Some activists are not yet able to vote,” Constable wrote, “but are enthusiastically involved all the same.”

Since 2000, Virginia’s Latino population has exploded by 92% reaching over 630,000, and of the eligible Hispanic voters in VA over 66% are Democrats and 71% voted for President Obama in 2012. These findings have mistakenly led Republican amnesty advocates to argue that these numbers demonstrate exactly why the GOP must pass comprehensive immigration reform and win over the disenfranchised illegal masses. Unfortunately, such analysis has proven itself be categorically wrong. Here is a list, compiled by The Hill, of the issues Hispanics actually care about and support:

On women's issues, Latinos preferred Obama to Romney, 73%-16%.

75% of Latinos say they'd rather raise taxes to keep Medicare as it is than make reforms.

Only 38% support school vouchers.

52% of Hispanics support same-sex marriage; only 34% oppose it.

On health care, 59% said it was the role of government to ensure everyone has access to healthcare, while 26% said the responsibility lies with the individual.

The list goes on and on, but you get the point. A majority of Latinos are diametrically opposed to the conservative ideology. And unfortunately, the simple passage of comprehensive immigration reform will not alter these views. Conservatives may be able to pass immigration reform, but they'll never successfully ‘out-entitlement’ the Democrats. And, as such, every Republican in Congress should say no to conference on immigration reform. Facebook Fark Furl
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