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October 5, 2017 6:58 PM
Justice Department Remains Hell Bent on Helping Mosques

Posted by Staff
The American Spectator:

Justice Department activism on behalf of mosques and Muslims has been ramping up for years. Under President Obama, ideological activists inside the Department leveraged federal power to help mosques fight local zoning boards. Under President Trump, there are disturbing signs that the activist lawyers pushing these polices are yet to be reined in.

A federal judge recently dismissed a Trump Justice Department discrimination case, United States v. County of Culpeper, originally brought by the Obama Justice Department. In settlement proceedings, the mosque accepted expense money and a “pump and haul” permit to conduct sewage disposal. But this was not enough for Justice Department lawyers and they ramped up investigations of Virginia county officials and local citizens.

The Trump Justice Department lawyers sought to shake down Christian pastors and regular citizens by serving subpoenas on them. The subpoenas forced them to give depositions to DOJ lawyers under oath about their views on Islam. These summons allowed just over a week to produce “any documents that mention, concern, record, or otherwise relate to Islam.” Facebook Fark Furl
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