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April 23, 2013 5:18 AM
Trusting Janet
Posted by Laura

If you love the monster law Obamacare, you will be head over heels for "comprehensive immigration reform."  The bill, touted by President Obama and the GOP triumvirate of McGrahubio (shorthand for McCain, Graham and Rubio), gives enormous latitude to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano regarding the implementation of the supposed "strictest border enforcement" ever.  That alone should terrify anyone who has followed the enforcement farce of the past two decades.  Recall the same wide berth was granted to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in her administration of the 2700-page healthcare law.  Promises of affordability and simplicity fade away with absurd rules such as the contraception mandate and with Sebelius defining critical terms in the unwieldy law.  National Review has a terrific take:

The 844-page bill contains 129 instances of what the DHS secretary “shall” do to implement its myriad provisions, 102 mentions of what she “may” do, and 35 cases in which implementation will be based on what the secretary “determines.” On five occasions, the bill affirms the DHS secretary’s “unreviewable discretion” to waive or alter certain provisions as she sees fit.

In many cases, Napolitano would be able to decide how strictly to enforce many of the bill’s major provisions, which some conservatives charge could result in millions of additional immigrants’ being eligible for legal status. After all, she is the same DHS secretary who said border security was “better now than it ever has been.” And given the Obama administration’s apparent reluctance to enforce current immigration law, critics fear that many of the bill’s enforcement measures are likely to be (at the secretary’s discretion) watered down, if not ignored entirely.

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