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May 7, 2013 4:53 AM
Islamist militia linked to Benghazi attack operates freely
Posted by Laura
Remember when President Obama vowed "justice" for those responsible for killing our Libyan ambassador and three other Americans last September 11? Remember when the Administration hailed the promise of the post-Ghaddafi Arab spring? Both propositions seem laughable today. There are few signs our government was ever serious about finding the perpetrators. One person who was there that night was arrested in Morocco but later released. Our federal investigators took weeks to arrive at the scene of the attack. As for that "spring" of democracy in the Arab world, it looks more like freedom's fall as religious minorities are tormented or killed, and Islamism is on the rise. The reporting by Bill Gertz of The Washington Free Beacon sadly reinforces just how ill-suited our Commander-in-chief is for the job. The terrorists behind the attack apparently are so unconcerned about U.S. reprisals, they still freely operate within Libya. Fact is, a presidential campaign needed winning last fall, so our president helped obfuscate the truth, and run out the clock. He hoped Benghazi would be eclipsed by other events. That's leadership?
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