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June 26, 2014 8:35 AM
Is it time for a bold, new America movement?
Posted by Staff
Americans are frustrated. They’re losing their country to an Establishment that doesn’t heed the concerns of the people. The grassroots movement is taking up the fight for these Americans and bringing the people's voice back to Washington. During McDaniel’s campaign in the primary runoff race in Mississippi, the grassroots supporters proved they were dedicated to American values and ideals. McDaniel's loss to long term incumbent Thad Cochran doesn't indicate a lack of support for the Tea Party, but rather highlights the low-brow tactics employed by his opponent [To hear more about the dangerous "Cochran Precedent" listen to Laura's interview with legal analyst Hans Von Spakovsky under our Freebie section]. Thad Cochran's campaign enlisted the help of Democratic voters and cheap robo-calls to boost Cochran to marginal victory. McDaniel’s mistake was running a Tea Party race in a Primary Election; he mistakenly thought an old lion would be passive while his dominion was encroached upon by fresh blood. To win a race like this, one has to anticipate that the Establishment will do anything and everything to keep its power. The old lion proved this by holstering a few strong shots in the form of Democratic votes aimed at the destruction of the Tea Party and immigration reform. Facebook Fark Furl
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