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January 15, 2013 1:44 PM
Ingraham and Victor Davis Hanson Discuss the Obama-Powell Tirade Against Republicans
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Today, on The Laura Ingraham Show, Laura spoke with Victor Davis Hanson, columnist for The National Review, about the seemingly coordinated attacks waged against conservatives by Colin Powell and Barack Obama this week.

Hanson was adamant that Americans are more sensitized to race today than four years ago, not because “we have an African American president, but because people use that [race] as one of the various wars” to alienate Americans and provoke discord.

Laura slammed the Republican leadership’s inadequate response to President Obama’s and Powell’s apparent “tag team” initiative, citing the perpetual “frustration in conservative ranks.”

Mr. Hanson agreed, noting that “nobody fights back on any of these social, or racial, or polarizing issues… I think in 2014 it will be another replay of 2010. The tea party will have to come out of nowhere and say, ‘We warned you about Obamacare, here it is. We warned you about the debt, here are the consequences.”

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