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May 31, 2013 5:25 AM
In defense of a conservative who actually accomplished something
Posted by Laura
Former Bushie Pete Wehner, who recently advised Mitt Romney on his way to defeat in 2012, is at it again. A man who has never given up trying to resuscitate "compassionate conservatism," he now spends time attacking the views of an elderly but still vigorous Phyllis Schlafly, who at the end of her life, is offering her own advice for the GOP. Essentially, she argues that the GOP should appeal to its own grassroots before bending over backwards to throw bones to constituencies that have not proven hospitable to conservative appeals. (I think there's more hope in attracting Latino voters than she does, but I also get her overall point that Republicans cannot win if it has a demoralized white voter base.)

One needn't agree with everything Phyllis Schlafly says or does, to know that she has literally forgotten more about how to win political victories for conservatism than every member of the Bush family and their staff combined.

How dare ex-Bushies – the same crowd who practically destroyed the GOP only a few years ago – make political criticism of someone who defeated the ERA, and who played a major role in building Reagan's original coalition?

How dare ex-Bushies celebrate the fact that their guy got 40 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2004, as though 40 percent is a number to be proud of when in Bush 43's wake the GOP lost the House, Senate and White House?

How dare ex-Bushies imply that someone like Phyllis Schlafly has "lost the ambition to convince" people of the virtues of conservatism, when the Bush Administration drove so many people away from conservatism? When did the Bush Administration show "the ambition to convince" Americans about the benefits of conservatism? When it fought what most Americans now believer were two pointless wars? When it refused to enforce immigration law as the people demanded? When it presided over the decline of U.S. power and prestige? When it ran up huge budget deficits? When it supported new entitlement programs? When it tried to put Harriet Miers on the Supreme Court? When it fought for amnesty for illegal aliens?

To watch people from the Bush Administration attack an 88-year-old woman who devoted her life to making this country better, and who should be regarded as one of the great heroines of American history for her fight against the ERA, is appalling and disgusting.
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