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November 19, 2013 2:43 PM
"I did not have direct relations with that information"
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According to recent reports, the Obama administration was informed as early as last March that there would be problems with The McKinsey & Co consulting firm informed the administration, including HHS Secretary Sebelius, that the project lacked comprehensive testing, and they warned the administration against cutting corners to meet deadlines. Thankfully, as per usual, Obama was able to conjure himself up an excuse for his ignorance, this time taking a play out of Bill Clinton’s old presidential handbook... Obama cleverly claimed he “was not directly informed” of any of these problems. Why does it feel like it’s 1998 all over again? Does this mean Obama was informed about it indirectly? Chances are, before you know it, we’ll be hearing Obama on the defensive explaining how his excuse depends on what the definition of “directly” is.

Glenn Thrush: Obama has been “dead in the water” and has not “effectively governed” since 2010

Glenn Thrush, who covers the White House for Politico, discussed the findings of his extensive research into Obama’s cabinet, and explained how many of the catastrophes currently coming from the Obama administration are directly attributable to Obama’s inability to manage. When asked whether Obama’s lack of experience explains his current policy failures, Thrush was unforgiving: “Obama [now] has five years on the job. So he [now] has five years of management experience. I think the larger issue here is that the guy is not interested in government,” he said. Thrush then informed the listeners, as Laura does daily, that Obama is exceedingly more interested in furthering his own image than actually governing and that “one of the really valid criticisms of Obama is that ‘Obama is really about Obama.’” And Thrush argued that this demonstrates why Obama is only effective while on the campaign trail: “Since the 2010 midterms, he has been essentially dead in the water with the one exception of the gravitational pull of the reelection campaign. He has not effectively governed in something close to three years and the ACA rollout has proven that.” Facebook Fark Furl
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