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October 21, 2013 7:35 AM
How to get a fawning piece written about you in WashPo...
Posted by Staff
It's simple: just be a hard-charging, unwavering pro-amnesty advocate in Congress.  And you'll get bonus points if you write a book and in it claim that the both parties are annoyed with your principled, unwavering stand.  Enter Luis Gutierrez, 59-year-old Illinois congressman, who the Post calls a "fierce fighter for immigration reform.""[His central role in the] immigration debate prompts some activists to describe him as a Martin Luther King Jr. of the Latino community," reporter Manuel Roig-Franzia writes.  "It’s a nod to the tens of thousands of immigrants he and his staff have helped fill out citizenship applications and to his persistence in the often heated fight over immigration reform."  My favorite gem from this article that falls one step short of nominating Gutierrez for a Nobel Prize harkens back to the Puerto Rican native's undergrad days: "He was the one with the Che Guevara and Malcolm X posters on his dorm walls, the one who wanted Puerto Rico to disengage from the United States and become an independent nation." Facebook Fark Furl
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