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October 5, 2017 5:44 AM
House and Senate GOP budget writers push ahead with no final deal in sight
Posted by Staff

Republicans begin Wednesday their weekslong march toward a final agreement that GOP leaders so desperately seek to grease the legislative wheels for tax reform.

The House is launching debate on its fiscal 2018 budget resolution on the floor Wednesday, while at the same time the Senate Budget Committee starts marking up its own version, after months of haggling in both chambers. Lawmakers are laying the groundwork for the even trickier task of melding the differing plans into a bicameral product that can pass on both sides of the Capitol — and give a green light to writing a tax reform bill.

For the House GOP, where the budget (H. Con. Res. 71 (115)) is expected to pass early Thursday, that means making peace with the fact that the ultimate agreement will be far more liberal than the one they have so painstakingly crafted. Facebook Fark Furl
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