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January 1, 2013 11:46 AM
House Republicans blast Senate 'cliff' bill
Posted by Laura
Democrats and their pals in the dinosaur media routinely blame House Republicans for whatever isn't working in Washington (in other words, everything). They aren't happy unless the GOP rolls over on every major initiative they propose. But the "cliff" legislation" that came out of the Senate is a farce--tax hikes immediately on the job creators but deeper spending cuts put off to be carried out at a later date. Not that the Republicans had much leverage. In November they lost the presidency, seats in Senate, and has a diminished majority in the House. So there are some Republicans who refuse to compromise their principles just for the sake of passing "something." Consider comments made on the House floor today by Rep. Scott Rigell (R-Va):

"So we find ourselves again with a bill that reflects not financial wisdom, but the seductive spirit that pervades this town. Leaders in Washington continue to over-promise. They're likes salespeople who tell their customer they can have an $30,000 car but only pay $18,000 for it. Who doesn't like that deal?"

Several congressmen raised concerns about the fact that so much of this so-called deliberation was done in back rooms and that the American people deserved full transparency before a bill was voted upon. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) stressed:

"The House must postpone this vote until Congress and the American people have time to study and evaluate this extraordinarily complex legislation, and its impact on taxes, revenue, the economy, our debt and a myriad of other issues."

Brooks lambasted the Senate for rushing revisions into the bill, just after midnight:
"The Senate boasts it is America's deliberative body. Today, that claim rings hollow," he said disdainfully.
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