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January 28, 2013 5:27 AM
Hillary and Barack on '60 Minutes': That Wasn't Journalism
Posted by Laura
While watching the Hillary & Barack dog & pony show on CBS's "60 Minutes" Sunday, I kept thinking to myself. WWMWHD? (What would Mike Wallace have done?) We aren't surprised when certain media outlets allow themselves to be used by the Clintons and Obamas, but when even "60 Minutes" can be co-opted, you know American journalism is flat-lining. I was half-expecting Hillary's name to be read among the nominees for Best Actress at the SAG awards. The audience was undoubtedly surprised that Daniel Day-Lewis bested Steve Kroft for the Best Actor statuette. (H/t to Howie Kurtz for alerting us to the Daily Download piece on the Hillary/Barack joint interview.)
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