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December 6, 2013 4:27 PM
He's no Mandela
Posted by Staff

With yesterday's passing of the inspirational leader, Nelson Mandela, President Obama and his liberal media flunkies didn’t waste a second before using the loss to their political advantage. Almost immediately they began comparing the United States’ first black president to South Africa’s first black president (both of whom have received the coveted Nobel Peace Prize). Unfortunately, no matter how they slice it, Obama is simply no Mandela. While Nelson Mandela was eventually willing to work with his adversaries, Obama has consistently alienated and disparaged Republicans; while Mandela strove to move beyond racial politics, Obama operates comfortably by manipulating racial tensions; while Mandela worked to promote democracy and a Constitution, Obama circumvents the US Constitution at every opportunity he gets. Obama certainly is no Mandela, but hey, lying has never stopped Obama before.

The Hill is alive with the sound of music

Amnesty advocates decided to turn to a new instrument last night to further their push for immigration reform—“serenading” Boehner outside his office with a horribly off-key rendition of We Wish You a Merry Christmas with slightly more grating lyrics. While Yoko Ono-inspired torture practices have, at times, been a successful means of coercion, it seems unlikely they’ll be met with as much success in this case. Shortly after the von Amnesty-Trapp singers performed on Capitol Hill, another singing troop led by Carrie Underwood took to the small screen to make an attempt at the remake of the Sound Of Music. All we have to say is, thank God these performances were just ‘one night only.’ Facebook Fark Furl
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