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August 2, 2013 1:01 PM
Heigh-ho, heigh-ho it's back to mom's house we go...
Posted by Staff

As summer comes to a close, millions of college grads, most of whom are just waking up from their 4-year long hangover and liberal indoctrination, are returning home from their backpacking trips to Europe and are running back to the warmth and shelter of their mother’s couch. Student loans? They won’t be due until December anyways, so why not continue down the path of perpetual adolescence that plagues the generation. The only thing that is sobering up these Millennials is the terrifying realization that the archaeology- photography-anthropology-alcohology quadruple majors they worked so tirelessly to attain are utterly useless in our stagnant economy. Just today, a new Pew Research study found that 36 percent of Millennials – 21.6 million young adults – are living with their parents. This is the highest number in four decades and it comes on the coattails of the news that there were 988,000 discouraged workers in the U.S. in the month of July.

Liberals would have you believe that the real issues at hand are immigration reform, gun control, race relations, and the name of the Royal baby who has been a royal pain in the….But do not be fooled. The real crisis is the fact that we have had years of high unemployment, one of the worst recoveries after a depression in our nation’s history, and millions of Millennials, who can’t find jobs (and, frankly, have stopped looking). Ultimately, the liberal policies that have prolonged our economic malaise are the same policies that have led to this generation’s feelings of entitlement and perpetual adolescence. Isn't it time we break this childish cycle, and tell our kids (and our political leaders) to grow up and start acting responsibly? Facebook Fark Furl
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