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March 25, 2013 3:08 PM
Have you had the 'tech talk' with kids?
Posted by Laura
Parents of tweens and teens, I feel for you. It's a wild and woolly world out there in tech-land. (I'll be entering it a few years from now as my own children get older and more curious. For now, I'm more focused on Teddy Grahams than Instagram.) Kids always seem to be one step ahead of kids on the tech front and sometimes the long-term consequences can be damaging to reputations and school records. In the worst cases, students find themselves facing criminal charges for something they thought was funny or cool. Having the "tech talk" with your kids is important, but it really is just a new iteration of the gradual talk we have to have with our children from an early age. For many like our family, a God-centered, faith-based morality is at the core of our interaction with each other. At meals, on phone calls with elderly relatives, in the playground, at the beginning of each school day, we acknowledge God's presence in our lives and express our gratitude for blessings big and small. I encourage my children to talk to God and to listen closely for his guidance throughout the day. I am hoping that by the time they reach their puberty years, the strong foundation will be there. Technology can be a conduit to what is good and beneficial, or one that feeds our worst instincts.
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