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March 4, 2014 5:25 PM
"Hari-Kerry"... Is the U.S. committing political suicide?
Posted by Staff
John Kerry landed in Kiev today to reassure Ukrainians that the U.S. stands with them. Our European Allies, however, don’t seem to be standing so strong (given that both the UK and Germany have indicated that they may not support sanctions against Russia). While the U.S. economy has been weak in recent years, Russia has built up its economic and energy ties to other European nations. These nations need Russia’s oil, and Vladimir Putin literally has them over a (oil) barrel. Kerry will probably talk tough on Russia, but the huge task of convincing our NATO allies to sacrifice their Russian economic interests is ahead of him. Forgive me for not putting much stock in the possibility that Kerry's ‘magnetic’ personality will win them over... Facebook Fark Furl
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