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February 14, 2013 6:19 AM
Happy VD-tines Day!
Posted by Laura
What a shock! After 40+ years of popular culture, schools, and even politicians promoting sexual experimentation and discovery to our children, we are seeing an "ongoing, severe epidemic" of STDs. One of the biggest lies ever told is that there is such a thing as "safe sex" for teens, or anyone for that matter out of wedlock. When kids are not discouraged from promiscuity, they naturally gravitate toward risky behavior that they are not equipped to handle with maturity and seriousness. Their attitudes morphed from: "sex outside marriage is sinful" to "kids are going to have sex, so might as well give them access to 'protection,'" to "all kids are having sex so we must make available abortifacient drugs at school without mom or dad knowing." We as a society stood by and allowed this to happen, our girls become targets for date-rape, pedophiles scour the internet for their next conquests, and now we discover that they our most precious resource, our young people, are more prone to enter college riddled with disease as well.
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